Welcome To Anarchy & Ink Tattoo!

Since 2004, Anarchy & Ink Tattoo has been providing top quality tattoo work in Palm Springs and 29 Palms. Our shops and artists are fully licensed and collectively bring outstanding experience and creativity to any project.

Established by punk rock legend Cameron “Camtastic” Furher and Derynne Kenton-Furher, Anarchy & Ink Tattoo has been home to some of the most outstanding professional tattoo artists local and native to the desert as well as those from around the world.

Whether it’s our shop in Palm Springs/Cathedral City or our shop in Twenty-nine Palms, we are proud of our inclusivity. We are proud of our artists. And we believe you will be proud of the work you get done with us.

If you can think it, We can ink it!

~ Derynne Kenton-Fuhrer


67000 Ramon Road, Cathedral City
760 – 322 – 5466
Sun/Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu : 12pm – 10pm
Fri & Sat : 12pm – 12am
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5727 Adobe Road, 29 Palms
760 – 361 – 7565
Sun/Mon/Tue : 2pm – 10pm
Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat : 12pm – 10pm
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Meet Our Artists

Tattoo Artists in Palm Springs/Cathedral City

Wyatt Johnson

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Wyatt started his tattoo journey in 2006 with an apprenticeship under Cameron Fuhrer at Anarchy and Ink Tattoo. Since then he has grown to be one of the deserts most sought-after artists. His professionalism and charismatic personality make every tattoo experience a pleasure. Wyatt is a true artist and has worked with many art mediums aside from tattooing; sculpting, painting, mosaic art, and many more. With such an acute knowledge of art Wyatt is able to do any style of tattoo.

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Steven Pabst

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I have been tattooing since 2006. My art has won awards and been published. I’m a Jack of all trades, master of none…but better than one. I have a passion for art that is borderline obsessive. In that that I do, I am a perfectionist. Always learning, always growing, always moving forward.
I specialize in Black and Grey Realism, Black and Grey Portraits, Dark Art, Traditional American, and Traditional Japanese.

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Brendan Mark Maloney

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My name is Brendan Mark Maloney. I’ve been tattooing a lonnnnggg time, like 25+ years. I did my first tattoo with a sharpened staple and bic pen ink in the 8th grade during in school suspension, go figure. I couldn’t draw for shit then, but I learned how eventually… I think? Art got me out of taking elective classes I wasn’t buying in high school and that led to advanced placement classes and crazy grants and scholarships to some pretty uppity art schools which led to meeting friends who were just entering the tattoo profession. They pushed me pretty hard to join them so yadda yadda yadda here I am. I’ve done all kinds of artsy crap, been an actor, a model, a rockstar, a toy maker, a DJ, a VJ, a vajayjay when I got tattooed, a web dev, a dungeon master, an asshole, a boyscout and an altarboy. I’ve been an apprentice and a mentor, shared tips, played grab ass, got wasted with and gave a hand out to some of the coolest people on the planet, tattooers. I’ve studied painting, sculpture, typography, graphic design, film, communications, electronics, religion, mythology, other assorted fairytales, history, geometry, physics, astronomy, astrology, physiology…. and bunch of other shit… I had to, I’m a tattooer. I will tattoo anything, whatever people want to wear, but I have my favorite styles like stencil and watercolor and pintresty desktop wallpaper art and nerdy geometric stuff. I also really like tattooing black and gray art… Or tribal… Or Traditional, I don’t care as long as it looks rad. I like tattooing on tacticool military, punk rockers, soccer moms, sassy bitches, scientists, freaks and weirdos and people that read my bio. Holler at me, sugar.

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Anthony “Stoney” Perez

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I grew up here in the desert. I’ve been tattooing for since 2015. I’m a tattooer apprentice at Anarchy & Ink. I study under Steve “Rosewood” and Brendan Mark Maloney. Eventually those tables will turn. My favorite kind of tattooing is TRADITIONAL traditional style. I like modern traditional black ink only tattoos a lot too, gangster style tattoos and doing color work. Some tattooers I would call my influences are Sailor Jerry, Jack Dracula, Philadelphia Eddie and Stoney St.Clair. Besides tattooing, I like drawing and working with my hands and building stuff, woodworking, wrenching on cars and bike, robbing junkyards, making mayhem with my kids. Other than that, I’m a part of the local rockabilly scene and like all things vintage.

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Sheree Whipple

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I’ve been with Anarchy and Ink since 2010. The shop is like family to me, giving me a place to explore my appreciation for art and tattooing. Apprenticing, on and off over the years, I’ve learned a lot about the tattoo trade which has helped me expand my skills in many artistic ways. I help manage the day to day operations here at Anarchy & Ink;  keeping customers happy, running errands, and making sure the shop runs smoothly. As well as the love of tattoos, writing, art, and punk rock all add a little flare to the artist I am today. Lately, I’ve been into Woodburning, which to me feels a lot like tattooing on wood.

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Tattoo Artists in Twenty-Nine Palms

Darren Mitchell

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Darren Mitchell was born and raised in Yucca Valley, California. His love for art brought him to Anarchy and Ink in 2014, where he is now manager. He specializes in black and grey, cuts, traditional and many more styles. He loves to work directly with clients to create unique pieces that they will love.

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Amanda Owley

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Amanda Owley is an Ohio transplant. After graduating Art School, Amanda moved to the desert as a graphic designer. She began tattooing in 2013 and specializes in black and grey, freehand, stylized black and grey, watercolor, lithography and portraits. Amanda loves blending ideas with her clients and loves creating great art with them.

She believes in honesty, gratitude and self empowerment. She will make your piece just as important to her as it is for you.

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Iker de Peque

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Born in the Basque Country of Spain, Iker is a self taught artist. After high school, he graduated college in graphic design and multimedia and worked as an artist ever since.
In 2011, he decided to move to California to expand his art career and did several shows in L.A. and Hollywood.

In 2016, he moved to the desert to pursue a career as a tattoo artist, and works with the best crew at Anarchy and Ink.

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